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Who We Are

We are a new kind of CPA firm for entrepreneurs and investors. Experience has taught us that clients can accelerate their financial progress much faster than conventional wisdom allows. We have innovative strategies for building net worth through a combination of leveraged investment and sophisticated tax management.

Strategy Centric

Our strategies are highly individualized and totally practical. Together we’ll develop the best path to achieve your dream.

A Digital Firm

We use the latest in technology allowing us to reduce paper waste and enhance client satisfaction.

Forward Thinking

At the core of our approach is a long-term vision for your financial future.

Client Support

Our clients are our passion so we pride ourselves on responding to all client questions within 24 business hours or less.

Our Founder

Tom Wheelwright, CPA, is the creative force behind ProVision, the world’s premier strategic CPA firm. As a best selling author, international speaker and Rich Dad Advisor, Tom has created innovative ways to approach taxes, business and wealth for more than 35 years..

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team! Our strategists are highly motivated and love the challenge of working with clients to reduce their taxes and create wealth. Our talented administrative staff is dedicated to providing the best posible experience for our clients.

Career Opportunities

The best clients, exceptional culture, comprehensive benefits & a valuable understanding of taxes and business.

Resources for Success

Wealth Strategy U is ProVision’s online financial educational resource. You can access many of ProVision’s and Tom Wheelwright’s educational resources – articles, online courses, and more. Our current clients are also able to participate in live sessions with Tom and ask your questions online 24/7.

So that’s us. Now tell us about you.

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