R. Alan

12 Oct

The insight and learning in the course material allowed me to make decisions regarding my entity formation (type and tax status) and provided planning options for future changes that may occur in my business from the viewpoint of tax structure within the entity. Overall great insight and well worth the time and money spent. Thank […]

Sangeeta Goyal

05 Feb

Tom has a wealth of knowledge which is very valuable if you own your own business. As an international property investor in the US “Ask Tom Live” has given me the knowledge to discuss the tax aspects of my property business in the US with my US accountant in-order to maximise the tax benefits. I […]

Ed Kitchen

21 Jan

Adam Smith in his book “An Inquiry Into the Wealth of Nations” brought forth the concept that customer satisfaction is a fundamental principle of free enterprise. Tom Wheelwright and his staff display that attitude to the highest extent. I have used people referred by him, his videos and audios, his books and have found their […]

Su Australia

05 Jun

Tom’s Wealth & Tax Edition have been guiding me, like a beacon in the confusing Financial Ocean ever since I studied his online courses. Tom’s Financial Education has become part of my life. I love to share Tom’s unique knowledge with my family, friends, business associates… Tom, thank you & your ProVision team for offering […]

Ken De La Hoz

23 Dec

Thanks to Ask Tom Live, I’ve been able to receive information that would have otherwise cost me thousands of dollars. He’s always on the ball about all the changes to the tax codes and on “Ask Tom Live” you can ask a question about any subject you like. “priceless” Tom’s a class act and I’ll […]

Daniel Molineri

15 Dec

Tom Wheelwright has the best advice I have ever experienced. I’m looking forward to learning more from this gentleman.

Carlos and Monique Florez

23 Oct

We love to be able to speak to Tom directly and ask him questions about our own taxes and get an answer right away. Even when there are too many questions for Tom to answer, he still gets back to us by email later on, no question is left unanswered. Very cool customer service Tom!