This was the very first of my wealth strategy sessions. It actually had a lot less to do with my actual numbers than with my outlook and goals in life. Which is, of course, absolutely essential to creating a financial blueprint that motivates me.

It was completely different from any other tax accounting meeting I’ve ever had before. I am completely excited about the possibilities at ProVision.

Our first meeting with our team at ProVision was exceptional. The team asked great questions and gave us confidence in our partnership.

Jonathan was extremely helpful, has really high energy, and is quite funny. I enjoy working with him! Although Zhi Farn is relatively new to the firm, she is very attentive and pays close attention to detail! My team is awesome! And of course, the first days dealing with Brad were extremely helpful. He sealed the deal quite easily by explaining things, and drawing them out on a dry erase table that made me pull out my credit card and say you’re hired!

It was wonderful to notice that the tax team was very well prepared and read all documents sent to them. They analyzed our previous tax return and asked the right questions. The head of team was very experienced and gave us an insight about the future tax strategy to be put in place. My spouse and I are looking forward for the next meeting.

The first meeting exceeded expectations and time flew quickly. I am looking forward to the relationship!

My first consultation with ProVision was outstanding. My CPAs, Jonathan and Bryce, were thorough and engaged, covering all aspects of my situation pertinent to my wealth strategy. Their knowledgeable and energetic approach affirmed my decision to work with ProVision. I’m excited to continue working with them on my wealth and tax strategies.

In my first meeting, many of my questions were answered and it felt like my CPA has a good grasp on my situation based on his questions. I look forward to our next meeting to lay out the plan.

I am excited to get started on my tax saving/real estate journey. I enjoyed speaking with Tim and Todd. They both seem very knowledgeable on the subject.

The insight and learning in the course material allowed me to make decisions regarding my entity formation (type and tax status) and provided planning options for future changes that may occur in my business from the viewpoint of tax structure within the entity. Overall great insight and well worth the time and money spent. Thank You ProVision and Wealth Strategy U!!!

Timely, to the point and precise.