Tax Return Preparation

All Tax Returns Are Not Created Equal

Most people see tax returns as a routine annual task – a necessary evil that any experienced tax professional can do and yield the same results. We disagree. When we review prior-year tax returns for new clients, we often discover that the tax return could have been prepared in a way to create a much lower tax result. In some cases, we can get those taxes refunded. But often, what’s done is done and we can’t do anything about it.

When asked why a client used a previous preparer, a common answer we get is that they were less expensive. But think just how expensive it is if you end up over paying your taxes by $5,000, $20,000, or even $100,000. The tax return may have been technically correct, but with the proper knowledge and creativity, it could have been prepared in such a way to actually reduce the client’s income taxes.

At ProVision, we have spent years learning how to use the U.S. Tax Code to your advantage and seek out opportunities to achieve truly dramatic reductions in your taxes.

Our approach to tax return preparation is unique. We have two groups in mind with every return prepared: The Client and The IRS. For the client, we have developed a system to find unusual opportunities to reduce taxes. For example, the IRS may allow two different ways to report an item of income or expense, but one way might result in less tax than the other.

For the IRS, we are careful to gather the information the IRS may want for an audit. Because we are so careful, our clients have less chance of being audited by the IRS. Of course, even the most careful taxpayer may be audited. When this happens, we want to be fully prepared so the audit can be as painless as possible.

Our Tax Preparation Services include:

  • Review your prior year tax return for no charge
  • Verify that the financial statements for your business and / or investments are satisfactory
  • Document income and deductions
  • Review your tax returns at two levels: (1) For technical accuracy, and (2) To specifically focus on ways to minimize your tax
  • File your returns electronically at no extra charge
  • Prepare individual tax returns
  • Prepare partnership tax returns
  • Prepare corporation tax returns
  • Prepare S corporation tax returns
  • Prepare estate and trust income tax returns
  • Prepare estate tax returns
  • Prepare gift tax returns
  • Prepare all related state and local income tax returns

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