International Tax Strategy

Thinking of Investing in the U.S.?

Many investors and business owners are coming to the U.S. This requires specialized tax planning. Draw on our relationships with respected professionals in the international arena to take full advantage of the U.S. tax benefits available to multinational businesses and investors.

ProVision International Tax Strategy Services include:

  • One-on-one meetings with your ProVision strategist who is an expert in international taxes
  • Reviewing your current U.S. tax structure
  • Customized personal U.S. tax strategy
  • Recommended entity structure with the specific U.S. entities you need now and in the future
  • Specific recommendations on how to legally increase your U.S. tax deductions
  • Coordination of the U.S. tax laws with your local tax laws, including discussions with your local accountant / attorney
  • Step-by-step action plan
  • Ask Tom Online (Learn more)
  • Ask Tom Live (Learn more)
  • Online courses (Learn more)

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