Estate Tax Planning

Is the Government Your Beneficiary?

Without proper estate tax planning, the government could be the primary beneficiary of your estate, taking as much as 50% of the value of your estate. With expert planning, most people can significantly reduce or eliminate estate taxes. Proper estate planning requires a team approach. Our professionals work with you, your attorneys, insurance advisors and other financial advisors to develop a plan to protect your assets for you and your beneficiaries.

Our Estate Tax Planning Services focus on minimizing estate taxes while providing maximum flexibility and control to you during your lifetime.

Our Estate Tax Planning Services include:

  • Structuring family limited partnerships and family limited liability companies
  • Creating comprehensive strategies for families and closely held businesses
  • Devising plans for charitable giving, including charitable trusts
  • Structuring personal residence trusts
  • Creating by pass trust structures
  • Reviewing QTIP and other trust documents

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