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We have several recommendations for you – all of which are conveniently available online at Wealth Strategy U – ProVision’s online educational resource.

Recommendation: Online Courses

Tom guides you through the step-by-step actions to set up your business in order to reduce your taxes and build permanent wealth. From identifying investments, to selecting your entity, to identifying additional deductions, to forming your wealth team to create a complete wealth & tax strategy, the online courses help you achieve your wealth & tax goals.

To create your wealth strategy:

  • Your Wealth Vision (SWS 01)
  • Massive Passive Income (SWS 02)
  • Building Your Wealth Strategy (SWS 03)
  • Identifying Your Wealth Team (SWS 04)

For the big picture tax and legal aspects of your business:

  • Setting Up the Legal Aspects of Your Business (STS 100)
  • Setting Up the Tax Aspects of Your Business (STS 101)

To select the entity that is right for your business:

  • Entity Fundamentals (STS 01)
  • How to Build the Perfect Foundation (STS 02)

To track and maximize deductions:

  • How to Increase Deductions of Travel, Meals & Entertainment (STS 04)
  • Getting the Most of Your Home Office Deductions (STS 06)
  • Basics of Bookkeeping (STS 14)
  • Basics of Bookkeeping with QuickBooks (STS 15)
  • Maximizing Deduction of Your Start Up Expenses (STS 16)
  • Maximizing Deduction of Your Dream Vehicle (STS 18)

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