Clarissa Urquidez

Clarissa Urquidez

Vice President of Operations
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As the Vice President of Operations, Clarissa is responsible for overseeing ProVision’s client service and sales team by providing strategic direction in the day-to-day operations. Clarissa is also involved in managing various projects, the co-production of products and services development and collaborating with the firm’s partners to ensure company culture and quality assurance is maintained throughout the firm.

Clarissa combines interpersonal, management, and training skills to encourage, empower and guide personnel through professional development and growth. Clarissa brings a combination of expertise in managing teams and building and creating curriculum.

Prior to joining ProVision, Clarissa taught business planning courses to start up and existing entrepreneurs, and high school business classes to freshman through senior year students. She also led client service teams in the banking industry where she was accountable for directing operational goals and objectives, the delivery of excellent service, and developing and preserving new and existing client accounts.

Clarissa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and a Post Baccalaureate Secondary Education Certification from the University of Phoenix.

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